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My company is in its third generation of supplying uniforms for Manurewa High School Students. My husband and I have a deeply held belief that Parents should not be held to ransom for schools to make money from retailers via “exclusive” uniform contracts.

This week I received a lawyer’s letter on behalf of the school board threatening my company with an injunction from the High Court unless I cease supplying the school’s uniforms to local Parents.

I intend to challenge the school’s right to do this. I want all Parents to know that my company was invited to tender for an exclusive contract to supply Manurewa High School uniforms and was asked a specific question – in writing – asking “Detail of any school incentive options available (e.g. % cashback on items sold)”.

I declined to offer this because I do not want to pass an extra cost on to you. It is NOT my job to fund education, my job is to give you, the Parents, the best possible quality at the best possible price.

I also do not feel the need to have an “exclusive” contract. Our company has always been happy to compete with other retailers based on our quality, value and service. As a Manurewa resident for over 60 years, I feel bullied by the Board of Manurewa High School, and I wonder if this is where school bullying starts, at the top? I feel it is shameful and exploitative of Parents who are “captured” by the zoning system. I know from my involvement in the community how some of you have to struggle. Someone has to stand up for our community and I am prepared to do it.

My legal advice is that the school is breaking the law (Commerce Act 1986) by attempting to create a monopoly market where it can benefi t from creating an environment for higher prices. There is case law evidence to confi rm this unlawful practice and I intend to take Manurewa High School Board to task. Download the PDF to read more....

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