Establishing the new normal

As a business, our number one goal is the safety, health and wellbeing of our staff and customers.
We are proud of our response to this extraordinary Coronavirus pandemic and want to thank all staff, suppliers and partners for their understanding, empathy and efforts in striving for normalcy during obviously difficult times.
We can assure all stakeholders that we are doing everything possible to be agile and fulfil obligations while being good citizens.
As a snapshot, all our retail outlets have been closed, travel suspended and New Zealand staff are operating remotely while communicating via digital platforms. We are also constantly reviewing and responding to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health –
We are in the unique position of having a manufacturing network across multiple countries and, as much as work has taken a back seat to safety, we are still delivering for essential services.
Our reps are also taking future orders. If you need apparel in the not too distant future, we can still design, manufacture and – if current cargo conditions remain – deliver.
So, look after yourself, best wishes to you and your family, keep occupied, stay in touch and we’re here if you need us.

Kindest regards

Tim Connolly


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